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Brent Howie co-founded Provident Management Corporation, a privately held condo-hotel management company.  Initially established as a residential property management organization, under his leadership, Provident Management evolved into a pioneer and innovator in the condo-hotel industry. Brent entered into the condominium resort business in 1980 with the first conversion of a beachfront hotel into the condominium form of ownership on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  This innovation not only created a new future for Provident, but also evolved into a new concept in the resort/hotel industry. Throughout the next several years, Brent continued to grow Provident’s condo resort business while constantly refining the condominium rental program it had developed through innovation and trial and error.  As a result, many of Provident’s programs, concepts and operating dynamics have now become standards in the industry.  In many Florida markets Provident opened the first true purpose-built condominium hotels.  The present day condo-hotel industry has been strongly influenced by the foundations laid by Provident under Brent’s leadership. Brent granduated from Florida Southern College with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration, and is licensed by the State of Florida as a Community Association Manager (CAM).  Brent regularly speaks on the national stage and has been featured on television cable networks showcasing condo-hotels and has been interviewed and quoted by many publications including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
Brent Howie
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