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A loosely organized confederacy of independent developmental renegades
Floating Urban Entertainment Centers and Hotels Snow & Associates’ Golden Era Steamship Company has several business models it is currently developing.  One will provide an opportunity to actually own a condo on a permanently-moored cruise ship in a major port city. For example, New Orleans. While no decision has been made on the New Orleans location, we nonetheless use this proposal as an example of how we approach a port city for participation.
While another variation of the same concept is where we negotiate a mooring lease with a major port city and select which ship we want to locate there depending on mission. We then prepare a hotel and entertainment vessel for that port emphasizing whichever element the port needs most, whether a vibrant entertainment venue with a hotel attached or a 5-star luxury hotel with an exciting nightclub and dining dynamic. The company is currently in negotiations with 5 very large port cities that are excited about the prospect of having a boost to the activity on their waterfronts, several of which are needing an economic shot in the arm. We again use New Orleans here as an example of our condo ship option.