In the late sixties Bob Snow started Rosie O’Grady’s  Good Time Emporium in a derelict area of downtown Pensacola, Florida. This effort resulted in Seville Quarter, an entertainment and dining complex which is still the largest tourist attraction between New Orleans and Orlando and is considered the first urban entertainment complex in America. About the same time, he started Rosie O’Grady’s Flying Circus, and as the chief skywriter and balloon pilot, spread the goodtime word across the skies of America with this exciting nostalgic aerial extravaganza. With world class balloonist Col. Joe Kittinger, his VP of Flight Operations he flew gas and hot air balloons across America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Russia.  Together, as the USA team, they won a number of national and world competitions, and set some world records in the process. In 1972, Bob put together a larger operation in Orlando, Florida which became Church Street Station, the fourth largest tourist attraction in Florida.  At one point the complex employed over 900 people and was the largest privately owned food and beverage operation in the country when he sold it in 1990. Both Operations were credited with the total downtown revitalization and restoration of their respective cities. Bob subsequently opened the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and then moved back to Orlando to create his worldwide project consulting company, Snow & Associates. Bob has worked on joint venture development projects with his friend Jim Rouse’s Enterprise Development Company in cities around the world.  Together with Jim, he has worked on the design and development of numerous urban entertainment and casino projects including MGM, Harrah’s, RKO Pictures, Station Casino, Universal Studios, and Main Street Station. In addition, Bob has received numerous architectural and civic awards including the Florida Businessman of the Year, the John Young Award, and the Synergy Award from The Society of American Registered Architects. The City of Orlando dedicated a prominent downtown street, “Bob Snow Lane” in his honor in 1992. Prior to a near-fatal accident that ended his US Navy career, he flew many Navy aircraft including Beechcraft T-34s, North American T-28B, and carrier qualified in a North American T-28C.  He then flew Bell H-13s, and Sikorsky H-34s, and Bell 206s.  Later, as a civilian, he accumulated a total of 6,500 hours in Boeing N2S Stearmans, North American SNJ-4 skywriters, Beechcraft C-45s, as well as lots of assorted single and multi-engine aircraft.  His favorite plane was his Beechcraft Staggerwing D17S and his open cockpit 450hp Stearman, which he owned for 30 years. Bob is a commercial, instrument-rated, multi-engine, sailplane and gas and hot air balloon pilot. For many years he was one of only two licensed sky writers with FAA waivers in the US.  He has managed to stay alive after many interesting flying adventures, and considers it a result of good luck and fate, and not so much to do with flying ability. Bob lives with his wife Linda in a home on a lake in downtown Orlando.
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                                                         Awards and Achievements Board of Directors  -  Downtown Performing Arts Center (DPAC) American Banjo Museum Hall of Fame  -  2019 Colonel Joe Kittinger Award - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority  2019 Synergy Award – Distinguished Service Award – Society of Registered Architects  -  1999 Board of Directors  -  Themed Attraction Association  -  1993-present Ten Most Important People in Orlando’s History  -  1989 Hosted weekly National TV Series “Church Street Station            Live from the Cheyenne Saloon”  -  1982-1989 Man of the Year  -  American Marketing Association  -  1988 Central Florida Restaurateur of the Year  -  1985 University of Central Florida Advisory Board  -  1980-86 Board of Directors  -  Orlando-Orange County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau  -  1984-86 Voted favorite person to have dinner with in Orlando  -  1984 Florida Award for Downtown Improvement, American Institute of Architects  -  1984 Man of Vision Award  -  Florida Chapter – Society for Prevention of Blindness  -  1983 Master at Large  -  City of Orlando  -  1982 Changed laws in Florida as Chairman of the Florida Entertainment & Dining Association            making it the first state in the US to legalize craft breweries  -  1981 Formed the Florida entertainment & Dining Association  - one of the top 100 attractions            in Florida with restaurant and beverage licenses  -  1979 Top Three Small Businessmen in US  -  1976 Businessman of the Year  -  State of Florida  -  1976 Downtown Development Board  -  Founding Member  -  Pensacola  -  1975 Businessman of the Year  -  NW Florida  -  Pensacola News Journal  -  1974 Chairman of Tourism Committee  -  Pensacola Chamber of Commerce  -  1972-74 Downtowner of the year  -  Pensacola  -  1972-74 Board of Directors  -  Pensacola Chamber of Commerce  -  1970-72 Designed concept for“Palafox Street Restoration” in Pensacola which led to its award            as “Top 10 streets in the USA - 1970 Rinehart Holmes Community Service Award  -  Pensacola JayCees  -  1970
Bob on a recent trip to Dubai
Robert JS Snow
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