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Richard “Dick” Greco is one of Florida’s most respected former mayors, having served twice and then two decades as Vice President of the renowned DeBartolo Corporation.  As one of Tampa’s most beloved mayors he was responsible for numerous projects that impacted Tampa’s economy and future, not the least of which included the city’s classical TECO trolley public transit system. Host of “The News Hour with Dick Greco”, a popular radio show in Tampa, Dick still commands the respect of tens of thousands of long-time Tampa residents and came very close to winning an unprecedented fifth term as mayor. He was so popular with the city that they erected a bronze statue of him sitting on a park bench in the trolley-stop plaza named after him, “Dick Greco Plaza”. Dick Greco and Bob Snow have remained friends and business associates for nearly thirty years and Dick is considered to be a “charter member” of Snow & Associates.
Dick Greco
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