Bob Snow has been asked to create, manage, develop, and/or consult on dozens of projects all over the globe.  His friend and business colleague, Jim Rouse, the famous retail developer who created the “festival marketplace” concept with Faneuil Hall in Boston, led Bob to projects in Europe and Asia as well as every corner of the US. Bob is given credit for creating the Urban Entertainment Complex concept with his Seville Quarter in Pensacola, a project still drawing huge crowds non-stop from its creation in 1967. Today, Snow & Associates is busy creating exciting new uses for former steamboats and cruise ships.  Subsidiary Golden Era Steamship Company is actively involved in the site selection for two ships the company has targeted to become condo-hotel-restaurant- entertainment centers in two large port cities. Bob once owned the 270-foot sidewheel riverboat Willow.  He eventually sold the 85-year-old vessel to foreign investors who placed it into active cruising on the Thames River in London (photo left). Golden Era Steamship Company has gone high-tech  This division of Snow & Associates is tasked with locating and converting smaller cruise ships that can no longer compete with the huge mega cruise ships economically into semi-permanently- moored hotel and entertainment centers.  These ships are completely refurbished and re-purposed to be used as floating urban entertainment centers and hotels in a number of port cities the company is presently negotiating with.  Bob Snow and Mark Boyd have been all over the world locating both ports and ships that lend themselves to this business model. Go here to see more:  Hotel Ship Signal60 Technologies This division of Snow & Associates creates two variations of stationary tethered UAVs designed to protect mass gatherings of people from the intentions of those who would do us harm in the form of either a drone weapon or a building sniper. The TASAR system is designed for the landborne sniper hoping to inflict mass casualties at an outdoor event such as ball games, marathon runs, parades, political rallies, etc., by locating and blinding the perpetrator. The DronEagle device detects, tracks, and immobilizes a drone that might be approaching an outdoor event by establishing a domed “no-fly” zone.  No airborne UAV can penetrate this zone as the DronEagle will either disable it causing it to land immediately, or send it back to its point of origin which also exposes the perpetrator to arrest. Both patent-pending platforms are tethered by a 325’ umbilical cord and can stay aloft protecting all day events indefinitely.                                                        Go here to see more:  Signal60
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