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H. Steven Norton brings a wealth of experience to Snow & Associates, having spent more than 40 highly successful years in the resort gaming and hospitality industry. During his career, he served in a variety of positions including Treasurer-Comptroller, Executive Vice President, President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer for large and small corporations and partnerships, including companies like Colonial Williamsburg, Holiday Inns International, Princess Hotels, Paradise Island Ltd., Resorts International Inc., Goldriver Gaming, and Argosy Gaming Co. In addition to a stint as Executive Vice President of Resorts International in Atlantic City, Steve served as president of Las Vegas Sands Corporation under Sheldon Adelson, one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, both back then and now. Steve has crafted a unique role in working with State Legislators, the Governor’s Offices, the State Police and Attorney Generals’ staff, in debating, testifying, drafting and lobbying to conclusion; successful Casino or Riverboat Casino Legislation in New Jersey, Indiana, Louisiana and Missouri. He also prepared the Impact Study, used in the successful 1976 New Jersey Casino Referendum that approved casino gaming for Atlantic City.  Aside from his corporate roles, Steve has played a key role as a founding Director of the American Gaming Association; founding Chairman of the Bahamas Hotel Reservation Service; founding Chairman of Bahama Island Tours; Chairman of the Bahamas Hotel Employer’s Association, President of the New Jersey Hotel-Motel Association; Chairman of the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board; Chairman of the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Bureau; Board member of the Nevada Hotel Motel Association and a Director and executive committee member of the American Hotel-Motel Association. Additionally, he has sat on numerous other Boards and associations including, being a Board member of the Casino Associations of New Jersey, Indiana (as Chairman), Illinois and Missouri. Eager to share his expansive knowledge, he has taken an active role in developing future stars in casino and resort management.  He has acted as a Director of the Bahamas Hotel Training College, the Advisory Board of the Atlantic Community College Casino Careers Institute; and has been a guest lecturer at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Hotel Casino School, and the M.I.T. Graduate School of Real Estate. Bob Snow considers Steve an extremely gifted gaming, lodging, and food/beverage corporate executive and a personal friend.
Steve Norton
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