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A loosely organized confederacy of independent developmental renegades
            Signal60 Technologies This high-tech law enforcement division of Snow & Associates is a continuation of the heavy-lift drone company GRIFF Aviation North America, later renamed NUAVIATION. Both companies fell victim to the regulatory environment that prohibits cargo
drones from proliferating in the US until the FAA is able to create meaningful regulations. However, a spinoff of these now inactive companies is Signal60 Technologies, which will be manufacturing two platforms...  the TASAR Tactical Active Shooter Aerial Response stationary drone, and DronEagle, a device that will locate, track, and disable intruder drones about to penetrate a special no-fly zone.  Both systems are patent pending. The TASAR system incorporates sophisticated applications that enable the unit to be stationary by using a tether for power and will acoustically locate a shooter at an outdoor gathering such as major sporting events, concerts, political rallies, marathon runs, parades, and the like. The system then blinds the shooter with a Boeing 767 landing light and provides a live video feed to responding law enforcement. The DronEagle system is a smaller version of the    TASAR, but just as dynamic.  This platform is strictly for the detection, tracking, and neutralizing of an intruding UAV heading toward a major event for which a “no-fly zone” has been established.  The system consists of a tethered UAV airframe into which the latest drone detection technology has been incorporated. Here are some of the preliminary features of this up and coming product.